Writings from a freelance designer.

My name is Jade Sturms, and in Fall 2017, I made my longtime dream happen and became a freelance artist and designer in Portland, Oregon.

As someone who has always dreamed of someday achieving a greater sense of autonomy and agency over my time and work-life balance, I'm constantly holding my experiences thus far against the many pieces of wisdom I've learned from podcasts, articles, books, and friends over the years.

I believe it's important to be self-aware when you're working independently, with the ability take a step back and see your path objectively. What can you tweak to make things run smoother? My blog explores this question from my point of view. I strive to be thoughtful about my freelance trajectory as it unfolds. I hope that my writing can inspire other designers and professionals, especially young people, to feel empowered to pursue a path that validates their nature to the maximum extent possible during this crazy time to be alive.

Thanks for reading!

Eyeball portrait photo by my good friend Travis Barron.

Freelance tip #1: Make sure you notice your accomplishments

For me, looking forward to a work week feels like gazing at a long to-do list. The list tumbles into the next week, with more tasks stretching constantly into the horizon.

Cover photo by Dina Avila showing my coworker and I during my days working at OMFGCO.

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